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Starting off the season with 45 miles from country to capital

I live in the countryside but I like the occasional foray into the big city, to find out how the other half live. And so it was that I ran the Country to Capital, a point to point race from the Buckinghamshire countryside to London, as the name suggests.  A true race of two halves:  a race of beautiful rolling countryside in the first half, then flat canal tow path in the second; a race of mud, and a bit more mud, then some concrete; a race of cow poo, and beer cans. You get the idea.

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Keep on coming back to the Snowdonia Marathon Eryri

Snowdonia Marathon seems to keep drawing me back. Is it the incredible views? The unbeatable atmosphere? The faultless organisation? The fact that it’s tough enough to test you without completely breaking you? Well all of that but mostly it’s the slate coaster you get for completing it. One’s ok, two’s better, three’s nice, but it’s not really a set is it?

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Run247 in Running for 24 (Hours) Heaven

Do you like running? How about camping? What about fun? Hanging out with friends? If the answer to these questions is yes, I know just the event. The adidas Thunder Run 24. They bill it as the ultimate dirty weekend and it didn’t disappoint. 4 pairs of my socks were trashed, 2 pairs of trainers suffered a brutal assault, first with mud then with a high pressure hose, and now sit sadly on top of garden poles drying out, and my washing machine seems to be weeping mud.

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Run Across Scotland

I fancied a bit of a running holiday and Running the Highlands’ Run Across Scotland caught my eye for several reasons. Firstly, it was a coast to coast run crossing the country from east to west and who doesn’t like the idea of that? Secondly, you finish by running across the bridge onto the Isle of Skye which just sounded amazing. Thirdly, but probably most importantly, you got to stay in nice hotels and you had minibus support at regular intervals. It sounded like a running holiday with the emphasis on the holiday bit.

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Chateaux, woodland trails, the Seine and a finish at the Eiffel Tower

L’Eco-Trail de Paris is billed as a unique cross-country race in urban surroundings. I found it hard to imagine how they could pull this off in such a sprawling metropolis so my expectations were low in terms of the terrain. However, I was blown away by the trails. After starting in the grounds of Chateau Meudon, South-West of Paris, you quickly hit beautiful woodland trail and you stayed on this surface for most of the next 14 miles.

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